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hen choosing toilets recommend starting with drawing up a detailed list of your needs. What is the area of ​​the premises, which will be the toilet? What is most important in your future purchase: style, color, shape, size? What you will be guided when making a purchase: space-saving, quiet operation of a tank, the minimum flow rate, cleanliness in the room? Also, do not forget to take into account all the necessary services, from individual buildings of your bathroom will depend on the direction release the toilet and water supply to the reservoir, etc.

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Most often, the choice of the type of toilet is directly linked to how you plan to dispose of an area of ​​your room. How much do you want to save and what are willing to give up?
Suspended toilets
If your goal is to get the most out of free storage space and, in the first place pay attention to the type of hanging toilets. Cistern had built the wall, and make room for the toilet can be used as extra space, or simply enjoy a comfortable wash anything unscreened floor. Another obvious advantage: quiet operation, as the tank and all communications are hidden wall, which can be installed sound insulation.

installation system

To install the suspension and Extra toilets you will need to install the system (mounting frame). The installation is mounted on the floor, in the capital or non-capital wall, you can choose a suitable method of attachment to you, depending on the features of your bathroom. During installation, the system is just covered tank, flush the system and drain, leaving a view of the user only flush button on the wall. The main advantage of the installation is that you can set yourself suspended or auxiliary toilet regardless of the quality of your walls, the entire burden on himself to take the frame assembly.

Toilet bowls-monoblocks

The next type - toilet-piece takes up more space than the first two types, but it is also easy to handle, and therefore suitable for families with young children and elderly relatives, rarely breaks down, due to the fact that the tank and bowl are a single entity. Separately we recommend toilet monoblock fans high-tech style to the interior. With its modern appearance, it perfectly fit into the overall style of your apartment.

Volume cistern

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From the volume of the cistern it depends on how much water is consumed during discharge. Be sure to pay attention to this feature. If a large volume of the tank and also only one button is completely drained, it will cost you a fortune, and the possible benefits of the price of the product very quickly be overshadowed by monthly installments of water. To avoid this, it is advisable to choose the drain mode with a "start-stop" or a two-stage drain.

water drain mode

drain mode with a "start-stop" is a one-button, clicking on which again, you can stop the drain, so you adjust independently the amount of water taken. Two-stage drain - two buttons, one pulls more water than others, depending on the need. Displacement of flushing water is selected or when purchasing, or, in some models, independently regulated at will.

Now we are talking about the most common and popular options, but note the water drainage arrangements are touch-sensitive, electronic, drain the water can be carried out even a remote control.